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About Culligan of Topeka

A Little About Our Friendly Culligan of Topeka Team

Culligan of Topeka City is a 3rd generation family owned and operated company. Culligan can do just about anything with water except walk on it. Our service team combined years of experience is simply unmatched compared to any other water treatment company in Topeka. We take great pride in the fact that water treatment is our only business and we are also proud to say we have the most technologically advanced water treatment systems available. Culligan water treatment systems are proprietary, meaning only a licensed Culligan dealer can sell Culligan products. When it comes to water treatment efficiency is the name of the game and only Culligan has our new HE (high efficiency) water softener systems and advanced drinking water systems. Another great thing about Culligan is we like to be able to give you options. What this means is we sell equipment, rent it, provide financing, or just about any option that is best for you. Also when it comes to bottled water our goal is to provide you with options and versatility. For example we provide bottled water delivery but we also offer bottle free water coolers. Most bottled water companies only provide bottled water and not bottle free water coolers? The reason some companies only offer one option is because they want to make as much money as possible. Culligan main objective is to find the best solution which offers you the best value for your needs for both homes and business.