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Drinking Water Filters in Topeka, KS

Aqua Cleer 4-stage Drinking Water System

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The Aqua-Cleer Water Filter Provides Unlimited Drinking Water Right at your Fingertips!

Drinking Water System

  • Removes impurities from your drinking water!
  • Eliminate the need for expensive bottled water.
  • Use for everything from cooking, pets, plants, and so much more.
  • Hookup to your refrigerator for crystal clear ice cubes.
  • Supported by good housekeeping seal of approval.
  • Specialized water filters available for Arsenic, Chloramines, and other water impurities.
  • Meets and exceeds WQA water standards.

>> Call (785) 350-2551 to get your water tested for free!

About The Aqua-Cleer Water Filter:

When it comes to reverse osmosis drinking water systems there are lots of choices. But if you are looking for a reverse osmosis drinking water system that also removes chloramines there is only one choice and that is Culligan’s new Aqua-Cleer drinking water system. Something that most people do not know is a standard reverse osmosis drinking water system DOES NOT remove chloramines. What are chloramines? Chloramines are nothing more than the combination of chlorine and ammonia. Some city water treatment plants have been known to mix these two chemicals together because it extends the life of chloramine along with other specific reasons. Culligan’s new Aqua-Cleer drinking water system has our exclusive “Total Defense” water filter cartridge which specifically removes chloramines.


A total defense cartridge is a special type of carbon water filter which provides a great deal of surface area and contact time which is the only proven way to remove chloramines. If other water treatment companies tell you their equipment removes chloramines you need to ask for specific proof and literature to prove it does remove chloramines. You simply cannot rely on a sales person’s word alone that their equipment removes chloramines. And remember Culligan is the only water treatment company in town that does not have sales people, our service men are the only ones who sell or rent equipment. Would you rather have a service person who works on water treatment equipment daily diagnose and treat your water problems or a guy in slacks and a tie? Culligan has specific documentation and certified proof that our new Aqua-Cleer drinking water systems remove chloramines and it’s important to get the same documentation and proof before you make a decision because chloramines are not something you want to drink on a regular basis.


The bottom line is when you have Culligan Aqua-Cleer drinking water systems with our “total defense” cartridge you simply have the highest quality water you can get and that’s a fact. With one of these water treatment systems in your home or office there is absolutely no reason you will ever need to buy or worry about water impurities ever again. And you will also feel safe knowing we will be there for you now and in the future because there is no other water treatment company that has been around as long as Culligan has. Culligan’s years of service experience combined with our highly advanced water treatment technology is the best you can get. But as always you should always have your water tested first so you know exactly what is going on. Getting a water treatment system without having your water tested first is like having a doctor prescribes a medicine without being seen or diagnosed first, it simply is not smart nor is it a guarantee it will fix the problem.


Aqua Cleer 5-stage Drinking Water System

Aqua Cleer 5-stage Drinking Water System

 >Call (785) 350-2551 for pricing!

Bottled Water quality right to your home or office.

  • Drinking water system that filters water from you sink.
  • Saves money compare to using bottles from the store.
  • Improve the taste of your tea, coffee, drinks and soups.
  • Endless supply of clean water from your faucet.
  • Frees up valuable refrigerator space.
  • Culligan water systems are third-party certified to perform as promised and are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.
  • Meets the strict certification standards of WQA.